WRESTLEMANIA – what went wrong

First of all I’ll be straight with you, it annoyed me from the pre-show, let’s start with ryback – I like the big man , he has some very very hidden quality but it’s there ..it is there .
So put him in a title match to lose against a pound land Rey mysterio , I didn’t get it, the match was slow, it shown ryback has a dominate wrestler only for him to lose – why why keep building him up, it’s insulting for him, you could have made better use for him in the IC match or even the battle royal , have him lose but make him look strong .
He now looks weaker than ever , shame that, because no one is talking about kalisto after this match , it’s all about ryback so why have him lose.

Poor poor booking mistake #1

Total Divas defeated BAD & Blonde – it was the best of the three Pre-show Matches which saw Brie win by submission with the yes lock , I’m ok with this ..

The dudleys are one of the best tag teams of all time, agreed ? Yes – good, so surely this would have been the stage to make them look good, I can understand why the uso’s one I think , young team yes but I think the dudleys should have took back, they seem to have come back to be jobbers.

I think I was on a downer after the Pre-show I disagreed with the results which left me thinking how this night would go.

Poor booking #2

The show kicks with the intercontinental title Match, Zach Ryder comes out on top in a four star match , it was good.
My initial thought Zach Ryder – DEAR GOD- but I think this is good, wrestlemania likes an underdog story and I enjoyed it on reflection .

AJ STYLES LOSES – no comment other than why? AJ will be along longer than Jericho, is this another case of WWE always wins , and let’s screw the outsider – maybe . Decent match though, but again couldn’t the intercontinental ladder match look like this

Kevin Owens, AJ styles, jerrrico, ryback , ziggler, miz and Sami zayn??

Poor booking #3

So the new day lost??????? The best thing to come out of WWE this year loses , only to find out it was because there were legends in attendance …..NO..HBK looked good though.
This was meant to be 4 v 3 title match.. It ended up being neither

Very very poor booking #4

Another opportunity for Ambrose to look strong resulting in a long squash match , poor Ambrose , who has it worse him or Bray wyatt???

Charlotte is still champ and a very nice new belt..well done WWE .
Match of the night? Between this and the IC title match …yes probably , result was questionable , Sasha banks is the best and most popular at the moment …maybe the biggest wrestling night of the year is the time to show this…..no????? Ok then

I’m glad the undertaker won, and he can go out next year as the best of all time , average match, but fair Play to Shane , the leap was incredible , it really was ..but maybe just maybe taker should have lay down after he witnessed a death drop, as if to say wow you love this company as much as me..have the win ! I think that would have been perfect.

Poor booking and missed opportunity #1

Poor booking and missed opportunity #2 after taker left the ring, John cena could have set up the main event for next year ??

Poor bray Wyatt, they cut amazing promos, and the rock called it, he’s better than the other three goons, yet they turn up to every PPV and lose and look weaker and weaker , they weren’t even booked tonight yet they still lost against a man I love but didn’t need to do that .

#poor booking #5

The jobber battle royal = very very poor booking, I still tatanka was wondering the streets and they dragged him in…awful.

So we come to the main event..no one wanted this from the start , I was watching it on tv, it was already on for 6 hours 1/2 with Pre-show, I had no interest , the crowd didn’t, the universe didn’t , and to make it worse it was a lackluster match . Awful.

Poor booking from the start #6

Missed opportunity was to get Vince down and help reigns win and have the best HEEL in the company, they would hate him .

Wrestlemania 32

3 out of ten – thank god for the woman


Subscription boxes – are they really worth it???

Ok I’ve had a few of these things sent to me lately ! But which ones are actually worth the money and offer decent stuff! 

The Z Box – £19.99 I received the animation box way back and was it any good – the short answer is NO – I received a pop from big hero six ,  a comic , fridge magnet , just tat , I would never have bought the pop so for me it wasn’t great! It’s ran by zavvi so I would imagine they have access to 1000s of DVDs , old stock that isn’t selling , stick it in ! Maybe animation wasn’t my theme but value wise I didn’t get it 

Rating 2 out of 5 

My geek box – £17.99 this is a strange one , I’ve had two of these now , the June box had an exclusive pop but was filled with the worst junk imaginable but had a decent t shirt so I can’t argue with the price ! Julys was a bit Better , it had a good t shirt again and a lovely transformers mug and a great breaking bad notebook! But my argument with these things is would I ever buy these items. I didn’t agree with how their exclusive pop is now available just about everywhere but it still had a pop.

Rating 3 out of 5 

Lootcrate – about £22 

Ahh the legend that is lootcrate , I’ve heard wonderful stories about these things , there array of exclusive items , was it worth the anticipation , erm yes and no! Julys theme was heroes 2, and again it was just ok, the exclusive batman Q pop figure was ok , but maybe I’m that transfixed on funko it didn’t impress , the batman keychain that was a screwdriver , well that did impress , I love it ! The exclusive book about forgotten super heroes again very impressive , I can’t judge the product on one month but it was better than most 

3.5 out of 5 

Collectors corps £28

I won’t go on too much about this because I have before in previous blogs , but it’s flawless , every item is something I want , a comic , a pop vinyl which up to now has been outstanding ! And another premium item which the mystery minis and dorbz have really hit the spot too, the t shirts which normally get put in the wardrobe never to be seen again are different with the collectors corps , I do genuinely wear these and are great products, they even threw in a pop tshirt last month! I can’t praise the item enough! A bit more expensive but look , everything in the box makes it worth it .

6 out of 5  



I just want to reiterate my love for all things pop vinyl and funko related ! The new lines are the most exciting ever , and it’s truely fun collecting ! Anyway enough gushing ! 

San Diego comic con has just happened and what a line up of funko products ! On first glance all I wanted was Jason! I desperately wanted that pop, I also took notice of the brilliant Heisenberg , the anger pop from inside out also took my eye. 

Last year i had a ball collecting these , they only arrived online around October time , and I ordered a bunch off forbidden planet , most notably the ghostbusters 4 pack and the Venkman, slimer set! Also the Beaten up Jesse was also a highlight! 

This year it seemed easier to get these, Maybe due to the popularity of funko! 

I ordered 7 off popculture on the day of released , and I bought 6 from worlds apart liverpool, an amazing shop! 

I happened to be in the shop at the time they were being unboxed and managed to pick up an Heisenberg and unmasked leia , very lucky indeed ! But I go back to the rush of collecting funkos, the chase for sdcc items remains as exciting as ever , it’s such a cool time of the year , and I imagine it will get better! I never did get the Jason pop but I’ll keep chasing , also how lucky are the guys who go and pick up the Freddy funkos – which I still don’t own one , I’m sure funko will read this one day and just send me one- they are good like that! 

Here’s to sdcc 2016 , what’s your sdcc story , what pops did you manage to get?? Let me know  , here’s mine ! 


The best subscription box

So I’m on a search for the best subscription box this month, I won’t be rating them in order, I’m just going to try and see if these boxes are any good, I’ve had several emails this week asking for advice, and I’m with you on finding out which is the best, so let’s do this , I’ve emailed many companies , let’s see who the kind ones are and actually send us one haha.

Thanks for all the comments and Twitter comments on my last blog, my aim for those who don’t know, is to be put all my blogs, reviews in an iBook, I’ve not released a book since my very successful charted book the diary of Samuel pope (check it out) but that’s the plan, it’s 80% done and we have the go ahead anyways, anyway my aim for the month as I say is unboxing these subscription boxes, I have two confirmed for the month already, but man I want a lot more, thanks for subscribing , again catch me on Twitter, keep sending me those tweets. @andmad54pop Pop vinyl news today check out these new batman arkham figures .


5 tips to start you collection

I’ve been collecting since September 2014 when I picked up chucky and peter venkman, now I’ve got 200 plus..but to be fair I don’t spend a great deal, I mean I spend about £40 to £50 a month and there’s been the odd special occasions where I’ve gone nuts, but my bank account is fine , space to put them isn’t , not big tips but this is how I do it..

1. Sell your shit (pardon my French) I’m guessing if your thinking of starting a funko collection, then you had previous collections , mainly film figures, TV memorabilia , am I right? Well look around you, what do you need? I had bluray box sets (there’s Netflix now) old figures, autographs , old iPods just loads of rubbish but expensive rubbish. I’ve sold over £250 worth of stuff in since September and I’ve spent it at stores like forbidden planet and popculture.

2. Subscriptions – if you want regular pops, can I suggest pop in a box http://www.popinabox.co.uk , a monthly subscription service , you can have up to 6 a month, if you can afford it, get 6 , I reckon you have a good chance to get an exclusive at least a few times a year, if not every month, do that and your up to 72 pops in your first year already , a friend of mine has just won a blue Cheshire Cat from popinabox , that’s worth up to £200 , so defiantly worth it.

Subscription boxes can be fantastic too, keep your ear out for exclusive pops, then just cancel the subscription when there are no exclusives , I’ve done this for lootcrate, And have got a lovely jokerbatman pop.

If your reading this today or before mygeekbox is released for June, they are also offering an exclusive pop this month – the first ever in the UK, for a reasonable price of around £17.

3. Check websites every day- always do this, popculture, popinabox and forbidden planet I recommend , because sometimes you can drop on, I got bane for 12.99 when I ordered around Christmas time, a previous hard to get pop, and beginning to look like that again, I also got a notorious BIG from the same place for 9.99 again quite hard to get now .

Popculture is a great website for cheap pops and exclusives , unfortunately they rarely have the sticker on , which for some collectors is a must .

4. Check forbidden planet and your pop shops regularly , wow I’ve been on shopping trips and found the genie, unmasked star lord, Thor with helmet, chase superman and greyscale Raphael for 9.99 in the past twelve months.
That would have cost me £50 in total , the price now is well about £200, you just have to be very clever.

5. This is a weird little tip but hey it builds your collection, save your change, aim for £10 and have a day where you just buy a random, I don’t have many local pop shops, but we have a smyths, and they store all the avengers , so for the last seven weeks I’ve bought one every Friday, just by spending £5 a day on groceries instead of £6 or whatever you do, it’s a nice little treat every week, I choose Friday , because Friday’s are already awesome .

6. Follow @funkdeals on Twitter, the guy shows you all the bargains from the UK, pops from £7.99 are always welcome .

Facebook have a good little swap and trade page called funko pop- buy, sell, trade uk nice little group with some cracking rarities on there.

Look at insanely retro on the web , and swap your pops and get some really good deals.

7. Have fun, it’s a fun harmless collection, don’t go mad, you can pay £100s for each pop, be wary, because that pop you buy for £200 one day maybe £9.99 next week at forbidden planet.

Look at me on Twitter , I’ll try and help @andmad54pop and be jealous of someone I follow, look at the collection of @funkoPOPFanUK



Well it was late but I’m a very patient man, but it arrived very safe and in perfect condition.
The second I saw the hulkbuster I needed this , living in the UK, there was shipping but in total it came to £28.
So let’s start with the box, the box is the best looking box in all the subscription boxes , even got a brilliant cartoon comic strip inside and yes I’m going to mark the box because I’m that sad, so that being .

The box 5 out of 5.

So when you first open the box your presented with a beautiful comic strip as I said, and you are presented by a captain America pin badge and a ultron patch , both with collectors corps on it, I don’t care much for these but they are highly collectable , especially the pin which seems to be the in thing, so they do no harm.

The bits 3 out of 5.

The first thing that jumps up at you when you open a 2nd part of the box is the hulkbuster pop vinyl, and boy is it good! It’s heavy, perfectly painted , sculpture is stunning and maybe one of the best pops ever created and that’s enough said really. A classic pop.

The Hulkbuster 5 out of 5

The Dorbz product is not something I’ll be collecting, not that it’s bad, it’s just the pop vinyl obsession is enough already, it’s a nice product and it’s always nice to have an exclusive . This particular one is a ultron box exclusive.

Dorbz 3 out of 5

The comic is again an exclusive , and it’s a good read, lovely illustrations and again a must have.

Comic 4 out of 5

The T-shirt is stunning, I got the hulk one , which if I’m honest is what I wanted and it’s already been worn well.
Great material with a nice design, definitely one of the better designs I’ve seen in a subscription box, I love it.

T-shirt 5 out of 5

Overall a great first box , next theme is Antman and I can’t wait, Another pop vinyl exclusive would be nice, a double pack maybe ? Most definitely five out of five overall , I reckon they will only get better too, well done marvel and funko.



Ok so mid week I got my pop in a box and it was a baby groot in a red pot, an EE exclusive . It’s great but I didn’t want it , so I put it on Facebook see if anyone from the funko pop – buy, trade sell page- also worth a look by the way, bunch of lovely people, where you can get some marvellous deals with genuine nice funko fans . Anyway I’m going off subject , I then posted it on Twitter , and I got a reply tweet off a man called Kevin from @insanelyretro, who told me his shop does trades, so we exchanged a few emails, very quick I might add, and we struck a deal , as easy as that, no extra charges..I’ve traded mine for skeletor, which is a great deal for me..

It really was as easy as that, they have a website with pops you could potentially swap, a very good selection too, but more impressive is the excellent customer service, and I have exchanged a number of emails, because I’ve also bought a pop from them, and since then I’ve exchanged two more unwanted pops for two I really really want.

They really want you to get a good deal, and it’s true they really do.
I suggest you maybe swap one , but also purchase one too, they have a great cheap selection .

They also have fabrications, wacky wobblers and more impressive special boxes – mystery boxes, DC, Disney & WWE.